More on the subject of UN-PC content – a job advertisement

Hefty Girls wanted for Police Force…and it gets worse….

I can’t believe this can you? I don’t know the date as it was posted on another site. Any ideas? Pre or post Second World War?

My mum worked in a bank before the war and during the war she was promoted, took exams, and was seconded to other branches. At the end of the World War II, she and my dad married and…yes. She had to give up her job,

Today I searched for cartoons of a ‘hefty’ policewoman and would you believe I COULD ONLY FIND ONE, apart from this article again, so it looks like things have improved. Perhaps it is now UN-PC to poke fun at females; there were plenty of ‘hefty’ male cop cartoons.

So what do you think of them? Are they making fun, or are they poster-pinups?

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