*COMPETITION* On the subject of UN-PC Songs

Gill Bradshaw’s vote goes to ‘Wives and Lovers’ sung by Jack Jones. ‘It’s incredibly condescending! You’ll love itI’

I had some great feedback from the post on ‘Keep Young and Beautiful:

Anna Koby Annie Lennox made a recording of this.

So she did!

Gill Bradshaw – My vote goes to …(drumroll) ‘Wives and Lovers’ sung by Jack Jones – written by Burt Bacharach. It is incredibly condescending! You’ll love it!
This put me in mind to hold another *COMPETITION*COMPETITION*COMPETITION* I know Easter is coming up, but how about sharing your most UN-PC songs ever. *5 WINNERS GET AN EBOOK OF ‘FEEDING THE GODS BY ELIZABETH HARRISON*

Anne Nelson – https://youtu.be/UKYKOCWfXEs A cracker from Mr Buble!  – ‘If you’re ever gonna love me It had better be tonight’!! Or what????

You’re in the draw! Sounds like my first boyfriend. He said or I’ll chuck you.



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