Keep Young and Beautiful?

A piece of history but now an Amazingly Unwoke Song


This song came into my head the other day and I decided to look it up online. I first remembered hearing it when my mum listened to popular music on our brown Bakelite plastic radio in the 1950s, on a shelf next to brown wallpaper. Was everything brown then? The programme was called ‘Workers Playtime’ and Mum was working as a housewife of course, a very important job then. For example, washing used to take all day with an old-fashioned tub and a mangle. Shopping was a daily task without a fridge and there was no frozen food until Birds Eye brought out fish fingers and peas. I think she sang along to the song.

I heard it again in the late 1960s when I had a temporary job in one of the first supermarkets called ‘Mark Down’ – I thought it was someone’s name at first, Like John Williams. I remember the smell of rancid butter from the storeroom where it was kept in unrefrigerated boxes. I can still smell it sometimes in small supermarkets abroad. Radio One had only just started playing ‘pop’ music in 1967, and the supermarket still had a tape selected for housewives which played on a loop and consisted of Big Band music. This was one of the tracks. Maybe it was the one that slurred as it played, you knew the tape had been round when that came up.

Anyway I digress. It turned out that it was from a 1933 musical called ‘Roman Scandals.’ I found an audio recording on YouTube, and l listened in growing horror to the lyrics. I thought it was a cheerful song, gay even – yes, gay used to mean pretty/lively. I was shocked how un-PC it was in today’s world. That was nothing compared with finding a clip from the actual musical. Unbelievable! And this is still on YouTube.

Then my sense of irony kicks in. However awful it seems today, all theses things actually happened, you can’t undo the past. There is great peace in acceptance, and moving on, hoping to do better. Although I have a sneaking suspicion that we are today busy creating a whole new set of faux pas for the next generation to sort out.

Ravi Shankar  I entirely agree with Elizabeth Harrison’s final comment. Many people often seem to think that they have the last word on what is unacceptable, little knowing that when time moves on, things that they themselves do or say without a second thought will be considered unacceptable by future generations. I don’t know what it’s going to be in the future, but I’m putting my money on how we treat the natural world.

Sue Budworth  I remember my mother cheerfully singing along to this. Thank goodness we moved on. Having said that I now can’t get the track out of my head!
 Martin Fergusson – Sue Budworth  – It is quite catchy. Attitudes do change but interesting to see what they used to be.

Keith Norfolk – What does unwoke mean? Asleep?Unaware?

Neil Wilson – Keith Norfolk  Its something that keeps old people awake at night ha

Elizabeth Buxton  #Unwoke-up – Urban Dictionary When you reach an epiphany after being woke that you don’t need to conform to the idea of being woke or the deluded belief of demonstrating an incorrect belief of being socially and politically superior to those that disagree with you. Being woke actually encourages division and intolerance. I woke up from being woke.

Elizabeth Buxton – Neil Wilson  I thought I’d made it up, but obviously not.

Martin Fergusson Un-PC for our time I guess. In the same mould as Bernard Manning’s jokes perhaps!
Bob Stone – Timothy Spall does a rendition of it as Barry Taylor in Auf Wiedersehen Pet series when they’re waiting to go to Spain.

Darren Hunt – Elizabeth Buxton – Vanessa Feltz used to use this as the intro to her BBC Radio 2 morning show.

Dave Delacroix – WW11, I believe, was a Morale-tune/look great/stay cool despite the urban desolation from the Blitz!!!
Elizabeth Buxton Absolutely. See Dad’s Army

Edwin Thomas Collins                                                                                                                                                                                 Elizabeth Buxton  Love it! Although I shouldn’t.

Edwin Thomas Collins But unfortunately it’s true. It’s the noisy minority shouting down and dictating to the silent majority.






Duncan Davidson Didn’t Tracy Ullman define Woke?

Elizabeth Buxton Here’s the video!

Melanie Paling Smith  – Somewhere I have a book by this title penned by the eternally young and beautiful Barbara Cartland.
Elizabeth Buxton – Found it on eBay!






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